Chamber’s Latest Projects

The Chamber is constantly working on tactical projects to help promote the interests of local businesses. From looking to establish a independent market to helping digitally transform how you work, the Chamber is working to support local companies thrive.

New Independent Market

The Chamber of Commerce is working closely with Torridge District Council and Bideford Town Council on the feasibility of setting up an independent artisan market. 

Pop-up Shops & Eateries

What to do with vacant retail units in our town centres? We are investigating using these units to help new businesses establish pop-up shops and eateries. 

Business Carbon Program

The Chamber is looking at a program to support businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and benefit from improved environmental credentials.

Biosphere Businesses

Chamber is working closely with the North Devon Biosphere to maximise biodiversity and ethical tourism for the region.

Digital Transformation

We have a number of new programs to help businesses dramatically improve their digital skills and transform how they work.

Social Enterprise

The Chamber is keen to hear from Social Enterprises in the area and offers free membership to local Social Enterprises and charities.