Goldsmith PR

Goldsmith PR is a brand storytelling consultancy servicing corporate, creative and ultra high net worth clients.

Why storytelling? Because if you want someone to remember your message, tell them a story, and paint them a picture.

Let’s consider the alternative: no story. If you were to read the following example, which would pique your interest? ‘New Brewery Opens on 1st Street’ or ‘Local Entrepreneur Overcomes Physical Handicap to Launch City’s First Brewery.

In 2019 GPR generated 70 news stories and 20+ front pages within local and
national press, and are up to ten this year. Raymond has fronted sixty+
successful PR campaigns and raised over £3,000,000+ for various organisations through lobbying. He is also a political advisor working with local and national Government as well as a campaigner for the Arts and our fishing industry.

As well as video and photography we provide copy writing services and work with and provide weekly written and photographic content to the North Devon Gazette and the North Devon Journal, Reach PLC and also work with BBC Spotlight, BBC Radio Devon, The Voice FM and several national and international news agencies. Our work is also regularly featured in Coast magazine who Raymond also writes for.

Our work can be seen at my website:

We also offer creative management for art, film and music professionals at:

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